Gio's machines page

Although I sometimes don't like to tell: Gio is a computer-freak. Being like that for quite a long time now, a machine park appeared that is worth creating a page like this one.

These are the machines I own at the Moment:


Beautiful aphrodite is my main machine, you can see parts of it on the main page.

aphrodite is mainly an Amiga 3000 with 50 MHz 68060 processor (CyberStorm MK2), 72 MB RAM, AmigaOS 3.1, 2.7 GB harddisk-space, CyberVision 64 Gfx, Ariadne ethernet, MFC II multiIO, tower-case, Amiga 500 keyboard in wooden case, CD-ROM, DAT and Philips Brilliance 1710 17" display.

I'm running Geek Gadgets, a project containing a BSD-kernel as shared library on AmigaOS and love porting stuff to that system.

I'm doing my home-office-work, some graphics stuff, code-hacking and lots of configuration-playing-around on that machine.


plattitude is derived from the FQHN of the machine you are just using.

I've put this HP9000/720/50 with HP-UX 10.10, 96 MB RAM, 19" display and 8 GB of harddisk space at the company I'm working for, to have a webserver permanently attached to the Internet. has a twin named ally, I'm using for hardware spareparts.


I've always dreamed of a notebook. Now I could get ahold of one: waschbrett is built by Clevo, sold as Network by Media Markt. It's a Notebook Model "86" with P133, 10.4" SVGA HiColor TFT, 6xCD-ROM, 72MB RAM, 4.3 GB harddrive and NE2000 PCMCIA-Ethernet running Linux 2.2. The information contained here is valid for my machine.


Waschbrett got a bit small... so thinking of what may be sexy the successor is nb-gio2, a Sony Vaio PCG Z600NE equipped with PIII 650, 12GB HD, 128MB RAM, 12.1" XGA TFT, 100BaseTX/V.90 Modem/USB/FireWire onboard running Windows 98 and Linux Mandrake. Vaios are cheap at Macgic Computer.


Presently, my bier is acting as the intranet-server at HiLAN.

bier is a HP9000/400t with 50 MHz 68030, 16 MB RAM, 4 GB Quantum Atlas II harddisk and no console nor display nor keyboard nor mouse :) It's running NetBSD 1.3 hp300 and has some daemons for in-house use: innd, smbd, nmbd, httpd, tftpd.


brustbetont (formerly known as whisky) is bier's sister. The difference: it has peripherials. Its a HP9000/400t with 24 MB RAM and 19" display, keyboard (thanks to De-In) and mouse (thanks to ZipperPig). It has a 4 GB Micropolis harddrive and is running NetBSD 1.3.2. brustbetont is beautiful but slow. I'll have to put some more RAM inside once.


rambank is a Digital DECstation 5000/200 with MIPS R3000, 128 MB RAM, 2GB HD, 19" color display on a PMAG-CA (px) graphics adapter running NetBSD/pmax 1.4.2.


frühling is a SUN SPARCstation 10 with 32 MB RAM, 2 GB HD running Solaris 2.8.


mekki is an Apple Macintosh SE/HD with 8 MHz 68000, 4 MB of RAMi and a 40 MB harddrive. Having a hard-to-get ethernet board, it acts as a telnet-terminal at home, still running MacOS 6.04.


IsDumm is deprecated :) It's become a birthday present for a girl.

The old entry:
Ashame but true: I do own a PC. IsDumm is a i486DX4/100 running Linux and NT. I quite hate it. It's only there for kinda support, and I did NOT buy anything for that machine although it has 36 MB RAM, 3.4 GB harddisk space, Ethernet, a 1MB VGA and SCSI. I'm using it to do work at home if I should need it and to compile kernels for our ISDN router.

no name yet 1

A MAC IIx with 16 MHz 68030, 8 MB RAM, 210 MB harddrive, MacOS 7.5.1, NetBSD 1.3.1, a 12" display, ethernet, but NO NAME YET :)

no name yet 2

An old Amiga 2000 with 68030/25, 3 MB RAM, 40 MB harddrive, ArcNet, no gfx board.

no name yet 3

A sandwich-machine consisting of two Amiga 500-motherboards in a PC-tower-case connected by a null-modem haveing one keyboard, one mouse and the ability to connect two monitors as well as 8 joysticks. This machine is only for gaming and my brother is using it these days.


These are the machines I've been using before I owned one:


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